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This One Thing Is Required For Success

I turned 57 this past week. It seems like just yesterday that my Dad was running up and down the sidewalk banging on the windows yelling "It's a boy! It's a boy!". As I grew and went from crawling to walking, I was always being encouraged. "You can do it! Walk to Momma. Come on! Let go and take a step!"  I took my first step because my Mom and Dad knew that I could. I'm not sure what I thought at that age, but I know that I took that first step because they believed that I could.  This [...]

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Change Your Focus, Change Your Life

How do you describe life? What word picture comes to mind when you think of your life? The words you use have meaning and that meaning defines how you perceive things to be. Here are some examples. Maybe you can relate to one of them. None of them are right or wrong but it's good to know how they affect us. Life is a Battle If you describe life as a battle then you'll use words like:  I just have to fight through it. I'm going down for the count. Who's coming against me today. It's every man for himself. [...]

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The One Question You Must Ask Yourself

If there's one question that we have no problem asking of others but shy away from like the plague when it comes to asking ourselves, it's this. Why?   From the time we were young children we've wanted to know why from from everyone else, haven't we? Just spend some time around a 3 - 7 year old and you'll hear them ask Why? 100 times if they ask it once. If you ask them to pick their toys up, they ask why? If you tell them to brush their teeth, they ask why? If you ask them to quit [...]

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My Top 6 Books Read In 2016

I like to read. One of my goals for this next year is to make more time for reading. Even though I didn't feel like I took enough time for reading this last year, in looking back, I read quite a few books.  I love the quote from Mark Twain that goes: Those who don't read have no advantage over those who can't read. What I want to do in this post is to list some of the books I read in 2016 and to include my key take-aways from the book. Here's the non-fiction books I read in 2016 [...]

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Which Sport Describes How You Show Up In Life?

I've written in the past about how most of my life, I've lived it in reaction mode. Instead of making plans and executing them I would wait for someone or something to tell me what I needed to do when. The rest of the time I was just in my "doing life" mode. That can happen to anyone, especially if they're not a type A personality.  One of the things I use in my strategic intervention coaching is metaphor. You remember what a metaphor is, right? The comparison of one thing to another without the use of like or as: [...]

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Goals or Wishes?

It's that time of year  when you start to hear a lot about setting goals. I guess that the changing from one year to the next is as good a time as any to think about goals and it's the time of year most people think about them but it gets kind of old, don't you think? But here's the thing. The beginning of the year is a fresh start. The year is new and everything that goes with it can be new too.  Everybody likes a fresh start.  I've been guilty on the past of setting goals, or resolutions, [...]

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