It is counterintuitive that doing something 100% is easier than doing it 99%.

Do you know why?

99% Allows Decisions

When we’re 99% committed to something we’re faced with decisions.

Being not fully committed brings in a gray area. For instance, let’s say you make a commitment to exercise every day and something comes up. You then decide to miss today’s workout. You’re going to make an exception just this once.

Now you’ve opened up the can of worms because it makes it so much easier to miss a workout when something else comes up.

100% Doesn’t Allow Decisions

When you commit to something 100% things are easier because your mind is already made up.

You won’t allow excuses. There will be no internal negotiations about skipping just this once. There is no hesitancy when it is time to act. You follow through because you made the commitment to be all in.

You’ve removed all temptations to cheat yourself.

It’s Time To Make It Easy

Do you want to learn a new skill, lose weight, get fit, take your relationships or your company to the next level?

Make it easy by committing 100%.