Crush Your Day By Asking Yourself These 3 Questions Each Morning

How do you prime yourself to have a really good day?

Are you an early riser or a night owl? Do you have a certain routine that starts your day or do you ease into it slowly?

Do you start with exercise or a specific diet?

There are numerous opinions on the best way to start your day and different routines work better for different folks. It doesn’t really matter.

You do you!

But, as Tony Robbins famously said,

“The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you are asking yourself.”

I’d like to bring that down to the atomic level by saying:

The quality of your day is a direct reflection of the questions you ask yourself that morning.

You can exercise every morning and eat right but if you don’t prepare your mind by priming it with some quality questions you are missing out on a great hack to better days.

Here are three of my favorite questions to ask myself at the start of the day:

If one word could describe the kind of person I want to be today, then that word is ______________, and the reason I chose it is _________________.

This is a focus question. It helps to focus you on how you are going to show up today. Who do you need to be today? What word describes what your best self looks like today? Is your word Present? Joyful? Curious? Patient?

What word describes your best self? Focus on that and during the day check-in with yourself several times to see if you are showing up that way.

One thing I could do today that is a little outside of my comfort zone is to __________________.

It is said that all growth comes outside your comfort zone. This question starts you to thinking about how you can get out of your comfort zone during the day. Where could you be more bold or more courageous?

What is your area of growth today? Where do you need to step up?

Who needs me on my A-Game today?

This question gives you a big spoonful of “WHY” to start the day.

Who are you showing up for today as your best self? It could be a loved one, a coworker, or even yourself.

Putting the why behind your actions makes it harder to compromise when the day gets tough.

Prime Your Mind, Win Your Day

Do these questions resonate with you?

It’s important to prime your mind for winning the day by asking yourself some quality questions.

What questions do you ask yourself each morning to prepare for the day?