Software Marketing Tip – Land the Plane

When we geeks get started writing copy for marketing our software, we go one of two ways. We're either really verbose as we try to bring our logical thinking process into the copywriting process or we're really terse and only state the facts.The best route is in-between the two extremes. The problem we run into is that when we come [...]

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The 1 Formula You Must Use in Designing Your Website to Generate More Leads

It is hard to believe that websites have been around for 20+ years. I remember reserving my company's domain name,,  back in 1994 when I started the software company. My how things have changed since then. Websites used to almost always be "brochure" style sites. I think the reason for this, besides there not being [...]

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Lessons Learned From Running a Software Business

We sat across a restaurant booth from each other and he said, “Why don’t you move to Ohio and start your own business”. The year was 1992 and that’s how my journey from a corporate employee to a business owner began.I never thought I could own my own company. What did I know about business? [...]

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