Which Sport Describes How You Show Up In Life?

I've written in the past about how most of my life, I've lived it in reaction mode. Instead of making plans and executing them I would wait for someone or something to tell me what I needed to do when. The rest of the time I was just in my "doing life" mode. That can [...]

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Goals or Wishes?

It's that time of year  when you start to hear a lot about setting goals. I guess that the changing from one year to the next is as good a time as any to think about goals and it's the time of year most people think about them but it gets kind of old, don't [...]

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What Does Getting a Stomach Virus Over the Holidays Give You?

I just experienced one of the worst times to get a stomach virus. The day after Thanksgiving. Yeah, that's enough of a word picture for anyone, right? I don't get sick like this often. In fact, Towona and I discussed it and the last time I had a bug like this was 16 years ago. [...]

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Do This 1 Thing in the Mornings to Change Your Day

I haven't been a morning person most of my life.  But that has changed in the last couple of years. I find myself waking up earlier and earlier in the mornings. Some mornings it's 6am and other mornings it's 4am. I'm really loving my mornings. I like to start off slow by getting a cup of [...]

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The Most Needed Skill for Small Business Owners

If you had to come up with the most needed skill for a small business owner, what would it be? Would it be leadership? What about sales? How about organization or planning? Those are all needed skills for a small business owner but are not the one most needed.What about communication? Yep, that's a needed skill, [...]

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Remote Working

It's been just over a year ago that our company went all remote. What this means is that we gave up the centralized office and all work from our homes now. When I started my software company back in 1994, I was sharing an office suite with my best friend who was also starting his [...]

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Software Marketing Tip – Land the Plane

When we geeks get started writing copy for marketing our software, we go one of two ways. We're either really verbose as we try to bring our logical thinking process into the copywriting process or we're really terse and only state the facts.The best route is in-between the two extremes. The problem we run into is that when we come [...]

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The 1 Formula You Must Use in Designing Your Website to Generate More Leads

It is hard to believe that websites have been around for 20+ years. I remember reserving my company's domain name, sherware.com,  back in 1994 when I started the software company. My how things have changed since then. Websites used to almost always be "brochure" style sites. I think the reason for this, besides there not being [...]

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Software Pricing – Moving From Desktop License To Subscription

When you've sold desktop software for over 20 years, you feel like you have the pricing down fairly well. You understand all the variables and can predict cash flow based on sales because you know your numbers. If you want to move to a monthly pricing model similar to the software-as-a-service (SAAS) model, how do [...]

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What Are Your Strengths?

What strengths does a software company owner need in order to function successfully? I recently had the opportunity to take the Gallup Strengths Finder assessment in conjunction with an interview I did with Keith Baldwin of Baldwin Success Coaching. You can listen to the podcast from this link: Baldwin Success Coaching Podcast. Have you ever [...]

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