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I own a software company that I started in 1994. We develop and market accounting software for the oil & gas industry.

Things I Wish I’d Known 20 Years Ago

I’ve owned a software company for the last 20+ years. When I started, I was in my early 30s and fresh from a corporate job. What I’d like to share with you are 4 things I know now that I wish I would have known back in 1994 when I started my software company. [...]

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Marketing Tip #2 – The Buyers Journey

We discussed in an earlier post that you need to come up with your buyer personas. Once you've done that, every interaction your persona has with your company should be tailored to where they are in the buyer’s journey. What the heck is the buyer's journey, you ask? The buyer’s journey is the active research process [...]

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Software Marketing Tip #1

Now that you have a software product, you’re ready to start selling it to the masses. But how do you market your software, and how do you know what works? Marketing has changed over the years from being seller-centric to buyer-centric. In the past, the seller had all the information and the buyer had to [...]

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Software Pricing – Why is it so hard?

If you are selling software or want to sell your software in the future, you’ve run into the problem of determining how to price it. There are so may different ways to look at pricing and so many factors that come into play. The problem is many pricing decisions are made on a “gut feeling” rather [...]

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Software Company Owner

Welcome to my site! I started a software company in 1994 and still own it today. That company is SherWare, Inc. Over the years I've tried, failed and succeeded at marketing and selling software. I've also dealt with handling company finances from taxes, lines of credit and recurring revenue. In other words, I think [...]

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