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This One Thing Is Required For Success

I turned 57 this past week. It seems like just yesterday that my Dad was running up and down the sidewalk banging on the windows yelling "It's a boy! It's a boy!". As I grew and went from crawling to walking, I was always being encouraged. "You can do it! Walk to Momma. Come on! Let go and take a step!"  I took my first step because my Mom and Dad knew that I could. I'm not sure what I thought at that age, but I know that I took that first step because they believed that I could.  This would be the theme of my early years as I grew from a toddler to grade school, middle school, and high school. I remember my Mom telling me that I could do anything I put my mind to. I believed that in my early years and dreamed of being a cowboy, a fireman and then during the Apollo moon landings, an astronaut. I thought I would be the first person to walk on Mars. After we went to the moon, Mars was [...]

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Change Your Focus, Change Your Life

How do you describe life? What word picture comes to mind when you think of your life? The words you use have meaning and that meaning defines how you perceive things to be. Here are some examples. Maybe you can relate to one of them. None of them are right or wrong but it's good to know how they affect us. Life is a Battle If you describe life as a battle then you'll use words like:  I just have to fight through it. I'm going down for the count. Who's coming against me today. It's every man for himself. I just keep getting pummeled. When life is seen this way it also is experienced this way. You're going to have to fight through each day. Life is a Gift When life is seen as a gift you'll use words like: Each day is precious. I wake up each morning with gratitude for another day. Today I'll be present. You have to take time to stop and smell the roses. Life viewed as a gift is a 180-degree turn from viewing it as [...]

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The One Question You Must Ask Yourself

If there's one question that we have no problem asking of others but shy away from like the plague when it comes to asking ourselves, it's this. Why?   From the time we were young children we've wanted to know why from from everyone else, haven't we? Just spend some time around a 3 - 7 year old and you'll hear them ask Why? 100 times if they ask it once. If you ask them to pick their toys up, they ask why? If you tell them to brush their teeth, they ask why? If you ask them to quit asking why?, they ask why? We hate being asked why, don't we? Why is that?  (Ha ha. Got you there, didn't I?) What? Another question we're very good at is asking What? We are so familiar with the question of what. We can answer those type of questions all day long.  I'm going to mow the lawn. I go cycling three times a week. I brush my teeth. I'm going to lose 10 lbs. We can answer what questions easily because they [...]

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