Founding a Business? Don’t Think You’re a Bad Parent

I founded my software company when my kids were little. Founding a company takes a lot of time. When you are a solo founder, you're in charge of everything. You have to create the product, do the marketing and the sales. Depending on your product you may have customer support to do as well. There were many times that I worked in the evenings and on the weekends as well. I Felt Guilty As the kids got older and eventually left for college, I had a lot of guilt over the time that I spent working instead of with the family. My perspective was one of being a workaholic. I spent time thinking about the business even when I was with my family. I felt that I worked too much. This happens to a lot of founders. Time goes so fast and one day you look up and the kids are grown and you think where did the time go. A Difference of Perspective One holiday, when both kids were home from college, I apologized to them for working so [...]

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Where Do You Get Your Identity?

In my life I've experienced: Losing my Dad to an accident at age 15 Getting caught shoplifting at 16 Given the nickname "Sherweed" in high school Having a step-father who hated my guts A daughter born prematurely at 31 weeks Going from 65k in income to 7k after starting my business in 1992 Marital difficulties around our 28th anniversary But I've also experienced: Growing up in a loving home Having my college paid for from proceeds from Dad's SS death benefits Meeting the love of my life in college Getting a job offer before college graduation Working for my best friend and mentor for 11 years Growing a software company in a difficult niche Being best friends with my daughter and having her work with me for 15 years Having my son ask me to be his best man at his wedding A son-in-law that is one of my best friends Having 4 wonderful grandkids Being best friends with my 89 year old Mom Having 2 sisters that love each other and me Celebrating 40 years of marriage this year [...]

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Which is Easier? Growing 10x or 2x?

You're wanting to grow your business and have been listening to Grant Cardone and reading his book "The 10x Rule" but 10x sounds like it's going to be hard. "Heck, I'd be happy just to grow 2x!" you say to yourself and then decide that will be your path. According to Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach, you just chose the harder path. Here's why. 10x Changes Your Thinking When you choose to grow 10x your thinking, innovation, decision-making, communication, and action change immediately. Before you had the 10x goal your mind was on everything. Now it has a 10 times filter and it looks at everything you're doing right now and starts removing all things that don't get you to 10x. Those things that don't get you to 10x you start eliminating, delegating, or outsourcing. Going for 10x is actually better for your brain. 2x Makes You Look at the Past When you decide to go for 2x you start thinking about what has worked in the past and you figure if you just do more of that, you can [...]

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