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What Does Getting a Stomach Virus Over the Holidays Give You?

I just experienced one of the worst times to get a stomach virus. The day after Thanksgiving. Yeah, that's enough of a word picture for anyone, right? I don't get sick like this often. In fact, Towona and I discussed it and the last time I had a bug like this was 16 years ago. I've been blessed over my years with good health. There is an interesting gift one receives from an illness. At least I did and I don't think I'm different from most. Perspective. Perspective is defined as: a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. - What Matters Most Here's the perspective I got by being sick. I actually thought about this as I was lying in the floor waiting for the next bout to hit me. Everything I was worried about yesterday meant nothing at that point.  If the meaning of things I was so concerned and worried about went to zero so fast, should I really be that concerned with them? Should I be placing so much meaning and use [...]

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Do This 1 Thing in the Mornings to Change Your Day

I haven't been a morning person most of my life.  But that has changed in the last couple of years. I find myself waking up earlier and earlier in the mornings. Some mornings it's 6am and other mornings it's 4am. I'm really loving my mornings. I like to start off slow by getting a cup of coffee and sitting by the fire catching up on tweets or blog posts. I'm also reading a couple books right now so sometimes I switch to those.  At some point in my morning I start planning my day and start thinking of all that I have to do and some mornings it seems that I'm getting further and behind.  Then the stress starts creeping in and before you know it I can't relax anymore and think I just need to get to the office to start my day so I can catch up. On days like this I never get any further ahead. My mind is already shot and my attitude has gone south.  I'm trying to make a change. Now, when I wake up, before I [...]

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Where Focus Goes Energy Flows

How many of you have ever been mountain biking? Great! You understand what I'm saying about focus. When you're going down the trail you can't focus on every rock, tree stump or turn, can you? If you do, what happens? If you are watching every bump and log that's in front of you you're more than likely going to hit it.      I can vouch for that. I had been riding a road bike for a few years when I decided to take up mountain biking. I didn't have all the fundamentals down and I hopped on my bike and clipped my feet into the pedals, and headed into the the trail and made it 30 yards before I encountered the 1st log that I needed to get over.   Lost Focus Instead of focusing on the trail past the log and just let the bike do the work of getting over the log, I focused on the log thinking oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what do I do? I hit the front brake at the same time as my [...]

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