How do you describe life?

What word picture comes to mind when you think of your life? The words you use have meaning and that meaning defines how you perceive things to be.

Here are some examples. Maybe you can relate to one of them. None of them are right or wrong but it’s good to know how they affect us.


Life Is A Battle

If you describe life as a battle then you’ll find yourself using words like:

  • I just have to fight through it.

  • I’m going down for the count!

  • It’s everyone for themselves.

  • I just keep getting pummeled.

When life is seen this way it affects how you experience it. You’re going to have to fight to make it through the day.

Life is a Gift

When life is seen as a gift you’ll find yourself using words like:

  • Each day is precious.

  • I wake up each morning with gratitude for another day.

  • Don’t rush! Take time to smell the roses.

Life viewed as a gift is a 180-degree turn from viewing it as a battle. Each day becomes frictionless.

Life is an Adventure

Those of us that see life as an adventure find ourselves saying things like:

  • Wow! Today was a blast!

  • This week was a roller coaster.

  • Don’t tell me. Just surprise me.

When life is viewed as an adventure it is seen as fun and you’re often more flexible because that’s what you do on an adventure.

Life is a Dance

Viewing life this way will cause you to say things like:

  • Crank up the music! I’m ready for today.

  • Ok, I made it through that part. What are my next steps?

  • Boy, that wasn’t very graceful.

When you picture your days as a dance, you see the beauty and the intricacy of your actions

Your Focus Affects Your State

How you view life or even just your day affects your state because the word pictures we use affect our emotions which control our state. That was a mouthful, wasn’t it? Let me unpack that.

Whatever you focus on you will feel and experience.

Change your focus, change your life.