Want to Perform at a Higher Level? 

Master These 6 Habits

If you’re an entrepreneur you know there is always a next level and it’s my guess that you continually look for that extra edge.

What is high performance?

High performance is best described as:

Succeeding beyond standard norms consistently while maintaining positive well-being and relationships.

The world’s largest study of high performers and documented in the book “High Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard found that there are 6 habits that the highest performing individuals seek to master.

Here are the habits that consistently show up:

Seek Clarity

High performers are shown to have a great ability to focus on the future. They don’t just know who they are right now, they also consistently thought about who they wanted to be and how to become that.

They didn’t focus on their current strengths but know what broader skill sets they would have to master in the coming months to get to the next level.

Generate Energy

You have to have energy to perform at a higher level.

Energy isn’t just physical energy, it also includes mental energy and physical vibrancy.

What’s really cool is that energy isn’t genetic. It can be generated. Just like a power plant doesn’t have energy, it generates the energy needed.

Taking care of your mental and physical energy is key to succeeding at a higher level.

Raise Necessity

Necessity is the emotional drive that makes great performance a must instead of a preference.

When you feel necessity you don’t sit around wishing and hoping. You get things done.

One of Grant Cardone’s go-to quotes that I love is: “Success is my duty.”

Knowing your WHY is critical to higher levels of success.

Increase Productivity

High performers have an intentional approach in planning their days, projects, and tasks compared to underperformers. They are clear on what projects they need to spend time on and what tasks are needed to move them along.

Being intentional and having a system for productivity matters a lot.

Develop Influence 

Those that perform at a high level commonly say these types of things:

  • I’m good at earning people’s trust.

  • I have the influence needed to achieve my goals.

  • I’m good at persuading people to do things.

Influence isn’t something you are born with. It may seem that it comes naturally to some people but it is a skill you can develop.

Demonstrate Courage

High performers are courageous people. Studies show that courage is significantly correlated with high performance.

Demonstrating courage doesn’t mean that you don’t have fear. It means that you take action in the face of fear.

There’s Good News

The good news is that if you work to increase your level of competency in any of these the other habits naturally get better as well.

What is one area you want to work on?