I’ve just finished a seven-part series reviewing the non-fiction books I read in 2017. You can read those posts by following these links:

Part One  – The Millionaire Booklet and Finish

Part Two – The Code of the Extraordinary Mind and DOTCOM Secrets

Part Three – Smarter, Faster, Better and The Coaching Habit

Part Four – The Power of Habit and Unshakeable

Part Five – Rest and Building a Story Brand

Part Six – Shoe Dog and Start with Why

Part Seven – The One Thing

What next?

I thought it would be good to inspire you on your reading journey by listing the books I’m reading in 2018. Not all are in the picture. Several of them are on my Kindle or Audible accounts.

Here they are in no particular order:

I’m upping my reading game this year. As a part of this, I’m going to be learning how to speed read. In order to get through all the books I want to read and retain what I’ve read I’ll need to get into the science of reading faster. I’ll bring you along on my journey.

Two questions for you:

  1. Have you read any of these?
  2. What books are you reading?