When we geeks get started writing copy for marketing our software, we go one of two ways. We’re either really verbose as we try to bring our logical thinking process into the copywriting process or we’re really terse and only state the facts.

The best route is in-between the two extremes. 

Software Marketing - Landing the PlaneThe problem we run into is that when we come up with our copy for our website or emails we usually end up at around the 30,000 foot level. It’s so much easier to come up with our copy and leave it that way.

What do I mean when I say we end up at the 30,000 foot level?

Here are some examples:

SherWare – “Software That Empowers” 

I sheepishly admit that I came up with this one around 2004.

The problem with a tagline like this is, what does it mean? I left it circling the airport at the 30,000 foot level. 

Here’s another one: 

Our accounting software covers you from A – Z.

Again, what does that mean? It sounds nice, but to a prospect, what does that look like? Another 30,000 foot level sentence.

The main thing you want to keep in mind is to make your promise show. This means that your prospect can see it. It’s tangible. If someone were filming your prospect using your software, what transformation would they see?

For example:

Customers have reported that switching to SherWare has cut their monthly processing from 4 days to 1!

You’re too busy to do manual data entry. Using SherWare’s imports can save you 3 hours per day.

Those are tangible results. The prospect is able to picture in their mind how their life is going to be changed by purchasing your software.

So when you’re looking at your marketing copy, what level is the plane at? If you’re not on the runway, keep circling and try to land the plane.Airplane-Landing