On the first day of coaching my coach gave to me, tons of Clarity.
This is day 1 of the 12 days of coaching. There are less than 3 weeks left in this year. Let’s finish the year strong!
You can live your days just reacting to whatever hits your plate during the day or you can get clear on what you want and then go for it. It comes down to you either live your life by default or you live it by design.
Which do you choose?

Video Script

It’s day one of the 12 days of coaching. And today we’re going to be talking about clarity.

Hi, I’m Phil Sherwood, your high performance coach. And I wanted to talk about clarity, because a lot of times, we wait until the beginning of the year, to start planning the year, you know, when you go into resolutions, and you come up with these big goals and these big dreams for the year, we are just a few weeks from the end of the year, three weeks from the end of the year. And so it’s a great time, not only to start planning for next year, but to think about how do you want this year to end, you know, we’ve got three weeks left, you can still do a lot in three weeks.

So it’s time to get clear on what it is you want to finish up strong, and this year. And what it is that you want to get going with next year so that you can hit the ground running.

Clarity is an interesting topic. And it’s an interesting word. When I think about clarity, I think about fly fishing, because that’s one of the first places I ever heard that word about clarity was talking about the clarity of the water, because a lot of times when you go fly fishing, it makes a difference in what the clarity of the water is. Sometimes the water can be really cloudy, where you can’t see anything through the water. And the fish can’t see you or they can’t see a fly. Sometimes the water is crystal clear. And so you have to position yourself differently depending on how much clarity there is.

Now, when we transition that word into talking about making plans for our futures, you definitely want some clarity, you want things to be clear, so that you can see off into the future and see what it is that you really want and what is really important to you.

So here on the first day, I just wanted to start thinking about getting clear on what it is that you need to finish up this year to finish the year strong. You know, maybe you wanted to lose some weight this year, you still got three weeks, you can still drop a few pounds in three weeks. It’s gonna be tough over Christmas, but hey, how bad do you want it? See what I mean?

So get clear on how you want to finish up the year. And then you can start getting clear on how you want 2022 to go. So that’s your first day of coaching. I look forward to seeing you the rest of the days. Have a good one!