On the 6th day of coaching my coach gave to me, over six more hours a month.
Here on day six, the topic is a continuation of productivity. Today we’re going to talk about your time.
Like we said yesterday, everyone has the same 24 hours each day. The question is, what are you doing with it?
Have you ever kept track of your time for a few days? I’m not talking about just your working hours, I mean for the entire day?
It can be really eye-opening to see where your time is going and how much time some trivial tasks are taking.
Watch the video and then do your own math. What could you accomplish with an extra two weeks every year?

Video Script

It is day six of the 12 days of coaching. And today we’re going to continue talking about productivity. But specifically, we’re going to talk about time. Want to dig into that a little bit more.

I’m Phil Sherwood your high performance coach.

Let’s talk about your time. In the last video, on day five, when we talked about productivity, I talked about how you can’t manage time, you can only manage the tasks that you have for the time. But let’s back up a second and just think about time, and how much time we have in a day to get things done.

If you think about it, and you’re honest with yourself, how much time do you spend on social media each day?
How much time are you spending, swiping, swiping, swiping? Liking, liking? Heart, heart heart? How much time do you spend doing that?
Yeah, be honest with yourself.

Let’s say for sake of argument, it’s 20 minutes, which is very low. Because I think the average in 2020 was over two and a half hours a day that people spent on social media. But let’s say you’re a high performing individual, you’re only spending 20 minutes a day, looking at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, any of the social media time holes, is what I’ll call them.

Let’s talk about just taking 20 minutes. If it’s only 20 minutes, and 20 minutes a day, times seven days for a week. That’s like two hours and 20 minutes a week that you’re on social media, which like I said, is pretty low, two hours, 20 minutes a week. Okay. But let’s let’s be conservative and go with that.

If you take that two hours in 20 minutes, and you multiply it by 52, that’s 121 hours a year, 121 hours a year on social media. And that’s only 20 minutes a day.

If we take that 121 hours, and we divide it out into just eight-hour working days, that is 15 working days a year spent on social media.

That’s two weeks, two weeks of work. What could you do with an extra two weeks over here?

What would you do? Take another vacation? Would you work on that big project that you wanted to get done?

And that’s only 20 minutes. So just think about cutting back on our consumption of social media just a little bit, what gains we could have in productivity in doing things that we really, in our hearts want to be doing, and accomplishing and achieving 20 minutes a day.

Can you find 20 minutes a day to work on your dreams? You know you can. It’s all about priorities. And it’s all about being intentional with the time that we have.

You know Dave Ramsey, when he’s talking about money, he talks about budgeting, he says you have to tell your money where to go, or it is going to run away and you’ll have no idea where it’s at.

It’s the same thing with your time. You have to budget your time you have to tell your time where to go. Or it’s just going to be wasted and you’re going to look back and say what did I get done today?

So just think about time a little bit and how you spend the time that you have you can increase your productivity quite a bit.

So that is day six of the 12 days of coaching. I will see you tomorrow.