On the 8th day of coaching my coach gave to me, eight thoughts on my physiology.
Your physiology, or how you move, gesture, and speak makes a big difference in your mindset and how others perceive you.
Do you walk confidently or do you shuffle along? It makes a big difference in how tired you feel! If you walk with purpose with your head up and taking decisive steps your mind perks up and you feel more confident.
Pay attention to your posture. If you catch yourself slouching sit up straight. I like to picture a string attached to my chest going up the ceiling. If that string is pulled tight your chest opens up and your back gets straight.
Do you speak with confidence or do you mumble? Even hearing ourselves speak in a certain way changes how our brain responds.
The next time you’re feeling tired or you’re not feeling confident, sit up straight or stand up tall. Walk like someone who isn’t tired or someone who has confidence and your brain will follow that lead. It’s really powerful.

Video Script

It is day eight of the 12 days of coaching and today we’re going to talk about your physiology.

Hi, I’m Phil Sherwood, your high-performance coach and I want to talk about your physiology because it’s a little bit broader than the topic of energy.

You know, when we talked about energy, we talked about your physical energy, your mental energy, want to talk about your physiology, which is your physical energy, and your physical health, because it is so important for you to take care of your health and to realize how your physiology affects your health and it affects how you come across, and how you present yourself to the world.

So, how are you doing physically? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you aware of the things that affect you physically? Are you aware of your posture and how you present yourself to the world? Are you aware of your voice? Are you projecting when you speak are you kind of whispering in Are you kind of a quiet talker, you know, how you talk and how you enunciate, comes across different to different people. So if you want to appear more bold, then you can enunciate and you can talk a little bit louder. and project yourself.

If you want to come across as confident, then sit up straight or, you know, put your chest out. Be confident. How you walk is a big difference as far as how you come across. Are you all hunched over? Just shuffling along? Or do you stand up? And do you walk confidently forward, you know, it makes a huge difference.

Because I can tell when I leave the office if I walk up the sidewalk, and I’m so tired and my feet are kind of dragging the ground. I can make a change just like that. By standing up and just walking like I’m somebody or going somewhere e with a purpose. 

It’s amazing how just changing your physiology changes your energy level, and how you look and you know how your energy looks to other people.

So think about your physiology. Are you taking care of yourself? are you presenting yourself with the way that you want to present yourself? Are you taking care of yourself?

We can dig into your health a little bit deeper. But I just wanted to present this to you today about your physiology and about how you present yourself your posture and it definitely affects your mental energy as well.

So that is day eight of the 12 days of coaching. We’ll see you tomorrow.