What Mountain Biking Can Teach You About Business

It had started out as a really nice fall day in Sedona. The sun came up over the mesas and lit up the landscape like all of a sudden it had decided to turn the world red. Checking the weather app on my phone, I saw that there was only a 20% chance of thunderstorms late in the day. This was going to be a good day to ride!

Whenever we go on trips, I like to find the best places to mountain bike. It’s sort of like how someone who loves fishing does research on all the fishing holes that will be close to them when they travel. I won’t pass up a new place to ride when I get the chance. I’ve ridden in Sedona, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and even some downhill in Queenstown, New Zealand. 

I had rented a bike at one of the local shops in town and Towona dropped me off at a trailhead. The plan was for me to ride the Mescal – Fat Tire – Chuckwagon Loop and then to give her a call to come pick me up. I had ridden the nine-mile loop a couple of days before and it was spectacular.


Cycling as Therapy

In today’s world, we are bombarded with so much information and have so many decisions to make. Especially if you own a business. I find that any time I’m sitting in front of my computer, I’m on it actively working. It’s very hard to just sit and think if I’m in the office. There are too many distractions.

When I’m out on a bike, be it a mountain bike or a road bike, I’ve got time to think and ponder things which really helps me work on the business rather than just in the business.

Riding alone gives me a lot of time to think. It has become my “therapy”. 


Learning Business Principles While Cycling

That’s what I was doing this day in Sedona. When riding, especially when riding a mountain bike, there are several situations you find yourself in. Afterward, you have time to contemplate what just happened and why.

I’ve discovered that most of these situations have an application to business and running a business. That’s where these stories come from. 

Now back to the ride…