You Get What You Focus On

Part of the problem in learning to ride the trails on a mountain bike is that it is natural for you to want to focus on every tree stump, rock, log, and puddle you come across. 

Your brain thinks it has to focus on the obstacle in order to avoid it but that is the opposite of what you need to do. It makes sense, doesn’t it? If you want to avoid something then keep an eye on it so that you can make sure to avoid it. 

Only that is not what happens. What happens is that you hit what you focus on. That’s why we focus on our goals, so we can hit them. 


“Where your focus goes, energy flows” – Jim Rohn

We tend to get what we focus on and in the case of riding a mountain bike, you hit what you focus on.

What you have to do is to focus on the trail past the obstacle. Focus on where you want the bike to go, not where you don’t want it to go. 

It’s the same in business. If you start focusing on all the problems and obstacles that your business faces all you’re going to see and encounter are more problems and more obstacles.

You have to keep your eye on where you want the business to go instead of taking it off your goal to focus on the problems. 

If You Look for Problems All You’re Going to See Are Problems.

Don’t focus on the obstacles, focus on where you want to go!