You Can Go Faster and Further With a Team

I was on a forty-mile road bike ride and was struggling.

I was riding alone and the hills were killing me. My average speed was only 15 mph so it should have been a leisurely ride. My legs and lungs were telling me they weren’t having fun.

All of a sudden, I get passed by a group of riders like I was standing still.

It was the United Healthcare cycling team in town for the Winston Salem Cycling Classic. They were out for a training ride and man, were they flying!

I decided to see if I could catch them and then keep up and after about ten minutes of furious peddling, I caught the end of their group.

We started chatting about cycling and the races and how their training was going. After a while, I looked down and my speed was 26 mph and we were on a flat section of road. Twenty-six miles an hour and I’m not huffing and puffing and can still have a conversation!

How can this be?

There’s an old African proverb that says:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


I’ve seen this play out in my life over and over but when it comes to cycling and business, I believe it should read like this:

If you want to go faster and further, go together. – Phil Sherwood


You can grow a business so much faster if you surround yourself with good people.

How does this look in business? I can think of at least three ways this can play out. You can grow a lot fast if you have at least one of them. Having all three is much better.

  1. Employees/teammates – Having employees that can bring in revenue just as well as you can is a great way to multiply yourself.

  2. Business peer group/Mastermind – This is a group of like-minded people going through a lot of the same issues as you. Some are ahead of you and some are behind. A good place to turn when you feel stuck.

  3. Business/Performance coach – Getting a coach is a great way to get past bottlenecks. A coach can help you see the forest when all you’re seeing are the trees. A good coach can help you to start thinking bigger.

Do you want to grow your business faster and have staying power to be around for a spell?

You need people!