What would you say is the most needed skill for a business owner? 

Would it be leadership? What about sales? How about marketing or planning?

What about communication? Yep, that’s a needed skill, but still not the most important one.

The most needed skill for a small business owner is the ability to make decisions. 

Why the Decision Making Skill is the Most Important

Your company will go nowhere or will wander all over the map unless you can make decisions. It doesn’t really matter whether they are good decisions or bad decisions. Just making a decision is crucial. 

Decisions come in all shapes and sizes. From where to go to lunch today to when and who to hire to which new product to focus on.  

The thing about making decisions is that you can learn from them. Whether they’re good or bad, there’s always a lesson to be learned. 

Why Making Decisions is Hard

What makes making a decision so hard?


Making a decision means that you are committing to a course of action or inaction and commitments have consequences. When you make a decision you’re putting yourself on the hook.

Some people don’t like commitment. Don’t be that person.

Want To Move Your Business Along Faster?

Be decisive!

Make decisions that move the needle for your business toward the path you want to go.

Work your decision muscle. You’ll get better at it with each decision you make.