Ask Yourself These Questions Each Evening

We often want to see a massive improvement in our lives which causes us to focus on big moves. A byproduct of this type of thinking is we get disappointed when we don’t see big changes.

In the book “Atomic Habits”, James Clear puts forth the argument that if you improve just 1% each day, by the end of the year you’ll be 37 times better.

I don’t know about you but 37 times for me is a massive move!


How do you get 1 percent better every day?

Getting better each day in small increments requires you to evaluate where you are currently.


“You can’t improve what you don’t measure.” – Peter Drucker


The best way to measure your progress is to ask yourself some good questions at the end of the day to help you evaluate how you did and to find out what you can improve.

Here are my favorites.


Question #1:

What situation or task did I handle well today?

Looking back at your day to evaluate how you responded or stepped up is a great way to remind yourself of your wins during the day. What did you do well? What are you proud of?

Focusing on your wins sets you in a positive mindset so you’re ready for the next question.


Question #2:

What could I have done to make today better? 

A life lived with few regrets is a great life.

If you could do today again, what would you have done differently? Who would you have treated better? Who would you have avoided? What would you have said no to? What would you have said yes to?

Figure out how today could have been better and then use that to make tomorrow great.


Question #3:

What happened today that I really appreciate?

Studies have shown that implementing an evening gratitude practice may have one or more of the following health benefits:

  • Decreased anxiety and depression

  • Improved interpersonal relationships

  • Boosted immune system function

  • Better sleep patterns

For me, Gratitude changes my Attitude. If I can change my attitude in a positive direction a little each day, look out! There’s nothing stopping me.


Self Evaluation and Reflection are Key

You can’t beat a good question when you need to do some self-evaluation and reflection. Ask better questions to get better answers.

What are your go-to questions to evaluate your day?