You’re wanting to grow your business and have been listening to Grant Cardone and reading his book “The 10x Rule” but 10x sounds like it’s going to be hard.

“Heck, I’d be happy just to grow 2x!” you say to yourself and then decide that will be your path.

According to Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach, you just chose the harder path.

Here’s why.

10x Changes Your Thinking

When you choose to grow 10x your thinking, innovation, decision-making, communication, and action change immediately.

Before you had the 10x goal your mind was on everything. Now it has a 10 times filter and it looks at everything you’re doing right now and starts removing all things that don’t get you to 10x. Those things that don’t get you to 10x you start eliminating, delegating, or outsourcing.

Going for 10x is actually better for your brain.

2x Makes You Look at the Past

When you decide to go for 2x you start thinking about what has worked in the past and you figure if you just do more of that, you can get to 2x.

The problem with that is:

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting.

A 2x goal makes you go renegotiate the past. You have to justify it if you’re going to continue doing what you did in the past. This creates a drag and there’s no real excitement.

It is Easier to Bring the Present Into the Future Than to Bring the Past Into the Future

10x brings a great deal of clarity and new ideas.

2x is just more of the same thing and isn’t inspiring.

Which would you choose?