On the 3rd day of coaching my coach gave to me, three times more courage.
This is the 3rd day of the 12 Days of Coaching and today we’re talking about courage.
Who doesn’t need more courage? If you’re going to finish the year strong and make some bold moves this next year you need to up your courage.
Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It is taking action in the face of fear. Action defeats fear every time.

Video Script

It’s day three of the 12 days of coaching and today we’re going to talk about courage.

Hi, I’m Phil Sherwood, your high performance coach. I want to talk about courage today on day three because when it comes to having an outstanding year and being able to do the things that we set out to do, and to set some bold goals and to think bigger, you’re gonna have to have some courage to do the bold moves and take the big steps that you’re going to need to take this next year.

So how do you get courage?

You know, when we talk about courage, a lot of times we think about not being afraid. And courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is action in the face of fear. I want you to think about that for a minute. You don’t have to not be afraid, you’re going to be afraid if you’re doing something big and doing something new. There’s going to be some fear involved. But courage means taking action. Going ahead and taking that step, going ahead and making that phone call, going ahead and doing a video, going ahead and speaking up for yourself, whatever it is, that courage means to you.

It all has to do with taking action because action takes away the fear. Action is the way to disperse the fear.

So I want you to think about courage. How would you rate your courage going into 2022? Do you have the courage you’re gonna need to think bigger, to do both things, and to get the things accomplished that you want to do this next year?

Think about that. And I want you to think about taking action. It’s all about movement. It’s all about getting things going and taking action in face of fear because it’s going to be there. Alright, that is day three of the 12 days of coaching. I’ll see you next time.