In my life I’ve experienced:

  • Losing my Dad to an accident at age 15

  • Getting caught shoplifting at 16

  • Given the nickname “Sherweed” in high school

  • Having a step-father who hated my guts

  • A daughter born prematurely at 31 weeks

  • Going from 65k in income to 7k after starting my business in 1992

  • Marital difficulties around our 28th anniversary

But I’ve also experienced:

  • Growing up in a loving home

  • Having my college paid for from proceeds from Dad’s SS death benefits

  • Meeting the love of my life in college

  • Getting a job offer before college graduation

  • Working for my best friend and mentor for 11 years

  • Growing a software company in a difficult niche

  • Being best friends with my daughter and having her work with me for 15 years

  • Having my son ask me to be his best man at his wedding

  • A son-in-law that is one of my best friends

  • Having 4 wonderful grandkids

  • Being best friends with my 89 year old Mom

  • Having 2 sisters that love each other and me

  • Celebrating 40 years of marriage this year

Which list do you think I identify with?

The first list shaped me but it doesn’t define me.

You get to choose what defines you and what gives your life meaning.

Choose well.